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Weelcome tae the wabsite o the Netwark o Schuils!!

The Netwark o Schuils is a netwark o multilingual schuils in minority leid areas in Europe. It gies a pletform for the exchynge o wittins amang dominies and educationists. Aw memmer schuils are foond inwith an area in Europe whaur a minority leid is yaised alangside the national leid. The schuils yaise the minority leid glegly and eidently in their ilkaday teachin practick.

The Netwark o Schuils ettles tae upsteer contack atween the different memmer schuils and their schuil bairns and tae tak forrit and wark thegither on jynte projecks sae that they can learn direct fae ilk ane and ither.

Jine the Netwark o Schuils