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Language specific links

Alice O - Alice O develops (Dutch) learning materials with a global perspective.

Elodil - A Canadian project aimed at raising language awareness and promoting linguistic diversity in (pre)primary schools. The activity modules that have been developed to be used in classrooms are available on their website.

Praat mar Frysk - Website of the campaign launched in 2007 in the province of Fryslân in the Netherlands, that aims to promote the use of the Frisian language.
Berneboek - On this website you will find interactive children's books in Frisian.

Children's TV series dubbed into Manx - Friends and Heroes, an English-spoken animation series, is to be dubbed into Manx. A sample story can be viewed online. Also lesson material according to the Isle of Man RE Curriculum is included.
Ynsee Gaelg (Learn Manx), a website dedicated to the Gaelic language of the Isle of Man.

Itchy Coo - Publisher of Scots Language books for children and young people and teaching materials.
Scuilwab - Exercises for teachers and Scots language learners

Scottish Gaelic
Gaelic4parents - The hub for parents and children interested and involved in Gaelic Education.
Sradagan - Sradagan are Gaelic medium community groups for children aged 5-12 years. Sradagan provides an opportunity for children to develop their Gaelic language skills in a social setting.