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Project suggestions

We encourage our member schools to co-operate with each other on partnership projects. Such partnership projects could vary from ICT-projects to actual exchange programs. The project suggestions published on this page encompass individual school projects as well as some interesting partnership projects and are easy to download as PDF-files. Should your school be interested in one of these projects (or perhaps another partnership project), we are more than willing to find you an appropriate partner school. Furthermore, we advise you to also visit the funding section in order to find out where to apply for financial support to execute the project.

School projects:

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The web creating class:

With this project the whole class works together on the creation of their own website. The website will contain information on their own minority language region, written in their own minority language.

Minority marketing:

Pupils will work in groups of four or five on the development of their own marketing campaign. The campaign is aimed at informing outsiders about the value of their specific minority language and culture.

Minority myths:

For this project the children are expected to do research and write a report on historical legends and myths that are characteristic for their minority.

Partnership projects:

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Eggietalk: No more language obstacles for communication
A simple drag and drop system which allows children to communicate with other children abroad. The programme operates with approximately 450 wordsigns', where word and sign [image] fitt logically together. The wordsigns were chosen very carefully and match as good as possible with the world of children. The wordsign-groups are for example: School, Home, Outdoors, Key Words, Fun & No-Fun and Sports & Hobby.


Intercultural presentation
The project “Intercultural presentation” is an ICT-project in which two or more partner schools co-operate by communicating via new media.

Exchange program:

The basic principle of exchanges between pupils is that they should become aware of their European identity. Outside of Europe you are considered a European, perhaps you even feel European, but what is this strange kind of identity?

Exchanges can be set up in so many ways; therefore we present an example exchange program, which can be adapted to the organisers’ needs and goals.

Minority meals:

The Minority Meals project aims at collecting recipes from local dishes that are characteristic for the minorities of the involved partner schools. The result is a digital minority meal cookbook, in which all the different recipes are brought together.

Minority folk song:

The name already says it; the Minority Folk Song project has to do with music that is typical for a certain minority. Schools are expected to co-operate in creating a European Minority Folk Songbook.


Greetings from.....:

“Groetnisse út Fryslân”, "Cyfarchion oddi Cymru", "Salutacions des de Catalunya", etc. With this project the pupils are asked to design their own postcard and send it to a friend in another minority language community.