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Crimean Tatar language in Ukraine

pre-primary education

primary education

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Crimean News School for Kids and Youths

Crimean News School for Kids and Youths


Use Minority language as

We do not use the minority language of our region as medium of instruction but we do teach the minority language as a subject and the minority culture is an important aspect of our curriculum.

Contact person

Andrew Zubenko



Total number of teachers


Total number of pupils


Languages taught as a subject

English, Russian

Languages of instruction

Ukrainian, Russian

Languages used outside formal lessons

Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar

Skills trained in the minority language

Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Mediation

Availability of the teaching material

Reasonable. Availabilty of teaching material depends on teachers' enthusiasm.

Quality of the teaching material


Developers of the teaching material

Teachers in the school or colleagues, translations or adaptions from other languages.

Information about teaching materials, e.g. websites


Projects concerning multilingualism

Teachers together with students prepare the news in the studied languages.

Contacts with other schools abroad


Main problem regarding minority language education

Parents do not see the point in learning the language.

Themes to address in joint (European) projects with other schools

Media projects.