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Irish in the United Kingdom

pre-primary education

primary education

secondary education

Gaelscoil an Chaistil

Gaelscoil an Chaistil



Gaelscoil an Chaistil



Brídín Ní Dhonnghaile





Total number of teachers


Total number of pupils


Languages taught as subject

Gaeilge, English

Languages of instruction


Languages used outside formal lessons

Gaeilge and English

Skills trained in the minority language

Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, mediation (= all sorts of communication in which a language user acts as an intermediate, e.g. translation, paraphrase, summary)

Availability of the teaching material


Quality of the teaching material


Developers of the teaching material

Teachers in the school or colleagues;
Translations or adaptations from other languages;
Publishing houses.


With the growth of Irish medium schools in the north of Ireland a lot more resources are being produced. Teachers still need to produce their own resources but we are now able to buy interesting novels and interesting textbooks.

We have begun links with a Gaeilge medium unit on the island of Islay on the west coast of Scotland. We plan to complete 3 or 4 small literacy based projects per year.

Our main problem is that the children need to choose to speak the language as we live in an English based society. Children need to have a reason to speak the minority language and we are working towards providing children with an understanding of where they come from and the reasons that Gaeilge still exists.