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Talijanska osnovna škola "Galileo Galilei" Umag



 Talijanska osnovna škola "Galileo Galilei" Umag 
 School in the Spotlight in 2017


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Name of the school

Talijanska osnovna škola "Galileo Galilei" Umag


Edoardo Pascali 2a

Postal Code




Telephone number

00385 52 741 283

Fax number



Contact person

Marianna Jelicich Buic and Dubravka Kodela Pacenti

E-mail school

E-mail contact person


Total number of teachers


Total number of pupils


Pupils aged



Minority language(s) in your region



Languages taught as a subject in your school

Italian, Croatian and English.

In case of different languages as a subject, what is the division between them (e.g. in percentages or hours per week)

Italian 5/4, Croatian 4/5, English 2/3

Languages of instruction


Languages used outside formal lessons (in the school yard etc):

Italian, Croatian, often dialect

Skills trained in the minority language

Reading, listening, speaking, writing and mediation.

Teaching material


Please explain

Many books are translated, some Italian books are not always adequate.

Developers of the teaching material

Translations or adaptations from other languages. Publishing houses.

Please provide a brief description of projects concerning multilingualism in your school in the past and the present

Our school has been taking part in two projects:
1/ ERASMUS +, "Go and lead your team through Europe" with 4 other schools from Finland, Ireland, Spain and Poland. It lasts 3 years. It's aim is to make children aware of the importance of healthy eating and physical activities.
2/ C.O.N.T.E.S.T., which lasts three years in collaboration with schools from Estonia, Finland, Poland and Germany. It's aim is to work on the inclusion of children with special needs through music.

Does your school have any contacts with (another) school(s) abroad? If so, please describe the kind of contact or activities


Main problem regarding minority language education

One problem is a partial lack of qualified teachers using the minority language.

Possible solutions

The teachers' profession has been very underestimated in this country, and maybe it would help to improve their status, among other things.


We'd like to share the experience of teaching in schools using a minority language in general, what are the good and not so good sides of teaching each of us meet every day, the problems with inclusion, the positive influence of using more languages on the development of children attending such schools, children meeting each other...

We would like to get in touch with some of the bilingual or multilingual schools to exchange our experiences, meet each other and possibly develop some projects together.