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Manx on the Isle of Man

pre-primary education

primary education

secondary education

Bunscoill Ghaelgagh


Bunscoill Ghaelgagh


Contact person

Julie Matthews



Total number of teachers

5 (including headteacher)

Total number of pupils


Languages taught as subject

English (as first language of children but only for two hours a week in upper keystage 2, and one hour in lower keystage 2

Languages of instruction

Manx 100% keystage 1, English (see above)

Languages used outside formal lessons

English and Manx

Skills trained in the minority language

reading, listening, speaking, writing, mediation

Availability of the teaching material

Reasonable; we now have an in house resource creator who translates and produces resources for us. Other than that there are no resources apart from those that individual class teachers produce.

Quality of the teaching material


Developers of the teaching material

Teachers in the school or colleagues, translations or adaptations from other languages.


Main problem: resources. English is majority language of community and media.

Links with other primary schools, especially those who don't have English as a main language so that our children appreciate that not every one speaks English and so it is important to learn other languages too.