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Sardinian in Italy

pre-primary education

primary education

secondary education

Porcu Satta



Porcu Satta



Contact person

prof. Ignazio Mulas




Total number of teachers


Total number of pupils


Languages of instruction

Italian, French, English, Sardinian

Teaching material

The availibility and quality of teaching material is bad.

Main problem

The Sardinian language is widely used by the population but it is not recognized as an official language in education. Unfortunately many youths do not speak Sardinian in any occasion. Since several years our school is trying to convince administration to introduce the minority language in official school programs.


Create awareness among school administration bodies and improve/increase the use of the Sardinian language among young people.


Our school has participated in several projects involving minority language communities from different areas in the European Union and is interested in repeating this experience this year as well. We are looking for partners in an exchange project.