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Slovene in Italy

pre-primary education

primary education

secondary education


Cirila in Metoda






Cirila in Metoda




Contact person

Kristina Kovačič




Total number of teachers


Total number of pupils


Languages taught as subject

Slovenian, Italian, English, German

Languages of instruction


Languages used outside formal lessons

Slovenian, Italian

Skills trained in the minority language

reading, listening, speaking, writing, mediation

Availability of the teaching material


Quality of the teaching material

Good: although the quality of the teaching material is very good, it does not consider the specific needs of a minority school as they are published in the Republic of Slovenia.

Developers of the teaching material

Teachers in the school or colleagues, translations or adaptations from other languages, publishing houses


Main problem: the school is located in an environment where problems of co-habitation and mutual acceptance sometimes may arise.

Possible solutions: the school and teaching staff should activate specific strategies and projects.

It would be great if a counterpart to our Irish Club (the children learn Irish through the medium of Manx and explore the similarities) could be established in an Irish school, i.e. a Manx Club.