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Võro in Estonia

pre-primary education

primary education

secondary education

Kääpa Põhikool

Kääpa Põhikool



Kääpa Põhikool



Contact person

Ivi Mölder




Total number of teachers


Total number of pupils


Languages taught as subject

Estonian (5h/wk), Võro (1h/wk), English (3-4 h/wk), Russian (2h/wk)

Languages of instruction


Languages used outside formal lessons

Estonian, Võro

Skills trained in the minority language

reading, listening, speaking, writing, mediation

Availability of the teaching material

The availability of learning material is reasonable

Quality of the teaching material

The quality of learning material is good

Developers of the teaching material

In Estonia there is the Võro Institute which is administered by the Estonian Ministry of Culture. The Võro Institute also provides teaching materials, among many other activities and projects.


We have friendship schools in Vaala, Finland, in Badenborn, Germany and in Hungary. All schools are related to Globe nature/biology projects.

In our school Võro language is tought only in form 3 while it could be a subject throughout the basic school. The main reason is probably the lack of resources, both financial as well as human. We try to solve this problem through writing more projects to find allowance; to unite with bigger international projects for creating contacts with other minority language schools and learn how the problem is solved there; increase the awareness of the topic among South-Estonian society.